Since 1988, Meditrend imports, markets and supplies health products. The vast experience accumulated over the years makes it possible for Meditrend to understand its consumers' needs and identify their wishes. Over the years, Meditrend has developed a portfolio of various products from different categories helping the consumer to take care of himself.

This multi-year enterprise has enabled Meditrend to develop expertise in each of the various categories. Each product is handled at different levels: regulation, import, marketing, trade, sales and distribution, utilizing the company's expertise to realize one vision:

Meditrend - Health is in your hands.

OTC Medicines​

Meditrend supplies pharmacies with medicines sold over the pharmacy counter (OTC), and medicines found on self-service shelves at pharmacies and at other points of sale, such as convenience stores (GSL).



Dietary Supplements

Meditrend provides its clients with a wide range of nutritional supplements from world leading manufacturers, meeting stringent production and safety standards (GMP) to meet the daily and widespread needs of consumers.

Medical Devices

Medical Devices, such as medicines, are required to be registered and approved by the Ministry of Health for marketing. Meditrend's regulatory experts make sure to register the products as required. Once approval is obtained, a marketing, trade and sales plan is implemented to promote the product's advantages.

Medicated Cosmetics

Meditrend markets only scientifically certified cosmetics containing high quality raw materials produced by world leading manufacturers.


Meditrend marketed cosmetics are internationally recognized as unique products selected after a thorough assessment of their quality and efficiency.  

Functional Food

Meditrend markets only elite functional food products for a growing consumer audience, including professional and amateur athletes, as part of a leisure culture, health food consumers, and individuals wishing to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Mosquito Repellent

Meditrend is the exclusive distributor in Israel of Mosi-guard, a natural mosquito repellent made in England - the only product in the country containing 30% Citriodiol. Studies have proven its effectiveness against the bites of a variety of mosquitoes and insects.

Fragrance Distributor

The Genvol products series is available in almost every home in Israel.

Genvol products are available in capsule-form for use in humidifiers, and as strips.

Sport Accessories

Meditrend supplies sport accessories to amateur and professional athletes, with a series of products available at prices affordable for everyone, and sold as well to pharm chains and pharmacies. The series includes a great variety of products.