Meditrend offers its clients and partners a wide range of services, accompanying them from the development stage to sales - from concept to shelf.


The responsibility for distributing products to the health system, includes delivery of the right product to the right client in a safe and efficient manner, while meeting a challenging timetable. To meet this responsibility, Meditrend employees ensure that products are always available on their client's shelves and that end users can purchase them daily, according to their needs.


Distribution requires manufacturer coordination and transport product supervision by air and sea, compliance with strict standards and coordination between large numbers of factors. Meditrend works closely with SLE, Teva’s logistic and distribution center, which has provided a range of the most advanced healthcare distribution solutions in the world for more than 100 years.

 Channels Management

Meditrend expertly distributes its products to a variety of clients in the private, institutional and retail market, and helps organizations make health care more accessible to every client.


Meditrend employees have many years of accumulated trade and sales experience, enabling them to provide all types of clients with top quality service: offering a variety of products that meet the needs of the target audience, with optimal trading conditions, and the adaptation of the most efficient distribution method, as well as suitable marketing and professional training.

Sales Promotion

The sales promotion process is a complex one, aimed at adapting a range of products to the client's end consumers. The process requires correct assessment of market requirements and of existing supply; it also requires sales expertise and knowledge of the pharmaceutical and healthcare field. In addition, it entails a willingness to become personally acquainted with each and every client, and maintain constant contact.


Meditrend's salespeople have accumulated decades of experience in the Israeli market, and are personally acquainted with all clients, buyers, managers, pharmacists and customer service representatives.


Medical Representatives

To interest pharma end consumers, it is important for Meditrend's sales representatives to update professionals addressed about the type of products that are available. The consumer receives information not only from doctors, nurses and pharmacists, but also consults with physiotherapists, nutritionists, naturopaths and other professionals providing services at medical institutions and at points of sale.

Meditrend's medical reps also consist of medical and paramedical professionals constantly in touch with all relevant professionals to familiarize them with the products and serve as an address for any question they may have concerning usage, and adaptability to the patient's need. They also meet professionals at their workplace and during professional conferences.

Moreover, Meditrend provides both its partners and clients with professional guidance, training and marketing advice.

Product Management

Health product management requires an all-inclusive vision: professional and regulatory knowledge, marketing, trade, sales, logistics expertise, and more.

Meditrend provides its suppliers with continuous product management services and accompanies them to success in marketing and the sale of products to clients and consumers, from development and design stages through regulation challenges, transportation and distribution.